Sustainable standards in Lada Vyvialova studio

"When I first started in the industry, I couldn't find a single white T-shirt that I could wear knowing that some third-world kid hadn't torn his fingers off sewing it and that cotton plantations hadn't destroyed the ecosystem of a remote subtropical region. And if I haven't found such a shirt, maybe there are more people who won't wear one. And so I started looking for a way to create fashion that was organic, ethical, local, functional and stylish at the same time. In the following lines you will find my principles that I stick to when I work. I don't know if this is the best path to sustainable fashion. But it's the way that makes the most sense to me."
Lada Vyvialová


The entire process of creating a dress from the production of the yardage happens in one place - in our atelier in Pribor. Design, pattern making, digitizing, patterning, sewing, packaging and sales.


In the LADA atelier, we meet the idea of slow fashion and creating only clothes that bring their wearer benefits that are not found in already manufactured clothes. Because there are enough clothes everywhere, and if new clothes stopped being made worldwide now, the supply would last for the next 5 generations for the rest of their lives. That's why we're focusing on nanomaterial. We use nano fabric to make quality clothing with durability, multifunctional use and minimalist design. Thanks to these attributes, the clothes will last for many years and will still be modern and combinable regardless of current trends. 


We use fabrics that make sense to us in terms of quality, functionality and sustainability. The main material in our atelier is certified Czech nanotechnology, whose functional benefits are not found in natural fibres. Unlike other nanomaterials, it firmly anchors the silver nanoparticles in the production of the fibre, preventing the release of nanoparticles. It also does not release microplastics. No water or hazardous chemicals are consumed in the production of this nano fabric.
We also sew some of our models from natural materials that occur naturally in Central Europe, such as linen or wool. For the part of our clothing where we work with cotton, we use only Egyptian cotton. This is the best quality cotton in the world, which is long-lasting and is also grown closest to Central Europe.


We work with local producers and support the local economy. Not only to reduce the ecological burden caused by transport, but also so that we can oversee production and, if necessary, consult and adjust it with the producers to our and your satisfaction. 


We only make clothes to order. We do not stock clothing and do not encourage unnecessary overproduction. Every model sewn by us already knows its customer in advance. We apply the same philosophy to the production of yardage.


We try to leave out those links in the production chain that can be left out. We are therefore increasingly using undyed materials to shorten the production process.


You will receive our models from us hand packed in our original non-woven fabric protective bag and a beautiful paper box made by a local printer.


A process that we are constantly trying to push further is the 100% consumption of our materials. We use fabric scraps to make accessories and design new products.


Every piece of LADA clothing is made by Czech tailors directly in our atelier. We care not only about the quality of handmade work, but also about ethical working conditions and fair treatment. In the LADA atelier, management and seamstresses work side by side in a friendly environment.


LADA end products carry the Oeko-TEX® Standard 100 certification. This confirms the health safety of adult and children's clothing by checking internationally the pH values, the possible content of pesticides, preservatives, etc., as well as the absence of carcinogenic and allergenic substances in the dyes.

What makes our nanomaterial sustainable is described in more detail in the next article.