How to wash nano?

How to wash nano?

To make clothes last for years and still look perfect, they require careful handling. But it's not rocket science. Just follow the following procedure:

  • always wash nano clothing inside out,
  • with similar coloured laundry,
  • no zippers, no appliqués, no big buttons,
  • no more than 40 °C,
  • use a gentle detergent,
  • do not use fabric softener or bleach,
  • do not tumble dry.

Our softest CHYT material can be placed in a protective net and washed on the hand wash programme for a gentler wash. This eliminates the possibility of the nanomaterial coming into contact with elements of other washed pieces that could leave cracks in the material.

One of the many benefits of our garments is their extended wearing time and thus low water and energy consumption. You don't have to wash them as often, with most fabrics even light soiling can just be "wiped off" with the fabric.

The best service to your LADA piece is to shake it properly after washing and let it dry on a hanger. This way, the model will retain its original shape best and you won't even have to iron it.

We recommend that you always store your clothes on a hanger in your wardrobe, whether it is a dress, top or trousers. Even if you take them off and want to keep them for repeated wear. In order to store our clothes in the wardrobe on a hanger, each piece has sewn-in loops for hanging. So that even though the model is loose fitting, it stays perfectly on the hanger.

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