Jewellery AUVERSUM

The first collection of AUVERSUM jewellery, the shape of which is based on the prints on dresses. Each piece of jewellery is modelled by digital sculptor Helena Lukášová based on existing elements from the AUVERSUM universe and materialised by a 3D printer. In the collection you can find headbands, earrings and bracelets, sculpted from the best recyclable flexible plastic in the Czech Republic.

The unique shapes of the jewellery are reminiscent of sea corals and that is how they got their names. They are dominated by the massive, yet lightweight Coral bracelet, whose protrusions really look like a sea creature. It can be combined with the more delicate Diamond bracelet, which also looks very elegant on the hand. The Structure earrings, which look like a skeleton or deep-sea animal, complete the look. The last piece of jewellery, based on the objects of The Mass graphic, is a headband, which is the only one that breaks out of the natural style and can therefore be found on the e-shop under the name Crown

The Bush graphic gave rise to the twig shapes of the earrings in two versions. The delicate Twigs pins, which you clip straight into your ear, and the wilder hanging Branches, which unfold the world of AUVERSA around your neck.

All the jewels are available in the TOUCH section in a variety of colours. If you can't find a piece of jewellery in the colour you want, email us and we'll make it to order.