Winter collection YUKI

The monochromatic collection is dominated by colours such as dark blue, black and natural white. It is the undyed white fabric that gives the collection its natural dimension. Removing the ecological burden in the form of fabric dyeing means minimal energy and water consumption in the production process. In this way, Lada's new collection once again demonstrates the possibilities of sustainable clothing and the variability of functional materials that keep you warm through layering.

"The YUKI winter collection is essentially a celebration of our customer. It features winter versions of our bestsellers, which are characterised by the shapely softness and cosy comfort of the nanomaterial for cold days. Such home comfort in a functional design that still looks elegant and has our minimalist signature", fashion designer Lada Vyvialova describes her new winter collection. What is new in the collection is the focus on snow white, the colour from which the collection takes its name. YUKI means snow in Japanese.

Focus on trousers

The main specificity of the YUKI collection is the range of trousers. You will find the elegant PARI made of combed and extremely warm nanomaterial, the seven-eight CODÉE - the only cotton LADA trousers with nanotechnology treatment, the comfortable RELAX with a low seven, flattering to every figure and visually narrowing the hips, and the improved cut of the popular TOTY trousers, which in combination with the INY leggings bring extreme warmth thanks to the thermoregulating properties of the nanomaterial.

Tops and sweaters

The principle of reversible wear is also found in our winter tops. The design of the dress copies the NAUTY PLUS top with watch length sleeves. You will find the same cut, but with a shiny finish, in the NOE PLUS top, which is smooth and flowing, but just as comfortable and elegant. You can complement the cardigan with the PU cardigan, which we also offer in a new natural white version - a fabric that has not been dyed and the white shade is therefore even more environmentally friendly.

Limited edition

This winter's only model is the KÓSHIRO plaid, an elegant and extremely variable wool coat. The soft and lightweight fabric will keep you warm in cold weather and thanks to the binding ribbon you can transform the shawl into countless wearing styles. However, we can only sew units of these in our studio. So don't hesitate to order yours.

Not to be missed dress

The NAUTUS dress was created as a winter version of our bestselling NAUTY SPORT dress. It has long sleeves and a high turtleneck. It's perfect for cold days because it's incredibly warm and makes you feel like you're in an elegant sleeping bag. Just like their year-round version, they can be worn from the front or back depending on which neckline you're in the mood for.


Winter inherently includes a hat, scarf and gloves. And we have those for you too. Minimalist pieces that will last for years and are still in style thanks to the high-quality 100% wool. The OZI scarf is designed as a neck warmer with the possibility of fastening with patches. OTI caps can be worn with a folded brim or simply as a beanie. For your hands, you can then get our MAIN nano fabric arm warmers. They fit with jackets and coats and can even be used in a cold office while typing on the computer or phone.