Cardigan PU - Colour: Blue midnight, Size: UNI

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White nature
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Blue melange
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Blue midnight


Timeless unisex cardigan for everyday wear made of functional antibacterial material is extremely comfortable. The cut has nothing to do with the kimono, but is based on its minimalism. Thanks to the wool ribbon, it can be arranged in pink. It is suitable for the office, in the city or just a night out with friends, all year round. More

Uviversal size and original cut without shoulder seams with dropped shoulder straps and long sleeves. Fastening with patches integrated in the ribbon, which are still functional, cannot be ripped out and are not in danger of falling off or pulling out the buttonhole. The length falls below hip level in the front and is extended in the back.

Designed and manufactured on the principle of slow fashion, developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.


Material description:

Patented functional antibacterial material that combines nanotechnology-enriched polyester and cotton. The unique combination meets all demands for functionality, but at the same time has a pleasant cotton feel. The weave construction in the original split adds exceptional elasticity and pliability. Models made of this material are comfortable and do not cling.

The functional fibre profile wicks moisture away from the body and dries quickly on the surface, has UV filter and thermoregulating properties - it cools in summer, warms when covered with another layer. The antibacterial properties of silver nanoparticles eliminate excessive bacterial growth and odours.

The material properties are patented, permanent and fully functional for an unlimited number of washing cycles!


The model in the photo is 177 cm tall and is a size 36, the cardigan size is 38.

Colour White natureBlue melangeBlue midnight
Size UNI
Material FAB: PESnano + cotton
Cut interlocking, with snap fastening, long sleeve, Different length of front and back with a small slit, fallen epaulet, straight loose cut, tunnel at the back with wool belt
Maintenance washable at max. 40°C, no ironing required, do not tumble dry