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hand warmers MAIN - Colour: Nude, Length: 35 cm

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Minimalist hand warmers that keep you warm thanks to the double nanomaterial while allowing you to use your fingers to type on your phone. They're also handy in a colder office when typing on the computer. The glossy material gives the sleeves an elegant finish, so you can wear them with a jacket, but also with a blazer or coat.
You can choose from different colours and two lengths - mid-forearm or up to the elbow. More

The covers are snug and pleasant to the touch. They have a thumb space and thanks to the non-porous material, fine untreated edges. They come in two lengths: 22 cm and 35 cm.

In the photo the sleeves are a complement to the BO top, throusers CODÉE, OTI hat and OZI neck warmer.

Designed on the principle of slow fashion, developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.


Material description:

Patented functional antibacterial material that combines nanotechnology-enriched polyester and elastane. It meets all the requirements for functionality, yet the material is extremely flowing, smooth to shiny and looks very elegant. 

The material has a hydrophobic surface and thus achieves an easy-care self-cleaning effect. This prevents dirt from penetrating the structure. Dirt remains on the surface and rolls off easily with water. The functional fibre profile wicks moisture away from the body and dries quickly on the surface, has UV filter and thermoregulating properties - cooling in summer, warming when covered with another layer. The antibacterial properties of silver nanoparticles eliminate excessive bacterial growth and odours.

Low maintenance makes the shirt eco-friendly, eliminating water, detergent and energy consumption.

The material properties are patented, permanent and fully functional for an unlimited number of wash cycles! Material tested in Amoené's cosmetic production.

Colour White natureNudeBlack softGrey concentrate
Length 35 cm, 22 cm
Material LUX: PESnano + elastane
Benefits unbreakable material
Maintenance washable at max. 40°C, no ironing required, do not tumble dry