Antibakteriální rouška NANOveil (2 kusy)

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Anatomická antibakteriální rouška, která chrání nás i planetu. Patentovaná technologie s nanočásticemi stříbra roušku činí prodyšnou, termoregulační, odrážející UV záření a ekologickou. Lze ji opakovaně používat bez toho, aby ztratila své vlastnosti. Více

Instructions for use NANOveil

  1. If possible, wash your hands before using the drape.
  2. Remove the drape from the packaging. Carefully hide the packaging for subsequent storage of the drape and technical information.
  3. Apply the unfolded drape with the centre of the face/nose, with the shiny layer facing outwards (thin layer with cotton touching the face ). The shaped part with the elasticated hem faces upwards.
  4. Guide the elastic band over the ears, tighten appropriately and tie over the nape of the neck. The ribbon should run horizontally around the head.
  5. With one hand, grasp the drape at the bridge of the nose, with the other hand grasp the drape down the centre under the chin. Pull the drape over the nose and under the chin so that it fits snugly against the face and does not create folds or creases.
  6. Recheck and, if necessary, re-adjust the correct tightening of the elastic band at the back of the head. Always double check that the drape fits properly and covers your nose, mouth and chin.
  7. Wash the drapes after use. Store dry and clean in the original packaging.


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Maintenance instructions:

  • Wash the drape daily in warm running water with normal soap or machine wash at 40°C.
  • Washing does not reduce the antibacterial effectiveness of the material.
  • No need to iron.
  • Do not use fabric softeners, bleaches, liquid body soaps
  • In case it is not possible to wash the drape, we recommend airing it out.


What makes NANOveil different?

The drape is a mechanical barrier that protects against the transmission of respiratory diseases and pollution from the environment. It protects you, but most importantly your surroundings. Wearing a face shroud is also a sign of consideration and respect during times of increased risk of disease transmission, especially to the more sensitive part of the community and society.

It comes in handy as protection during the flu season. For example, if you want to visit your grandmother in an old people's home and be sure that you will not catch even a common cold. Or if you want to visit a relative after a procedure in hospital, then NANOveil will come in handy. But maybe you yourself work in an exposed position in an office, post office, shop, and don't want to catch the flu every winter?

By using the NANOveil you do not create any waste and do not pollute the environment.

NANOveil Drape can be worn repeatedly, without limitation, and will last for many years. "Zero-waste"!

Saves your wallet! "CPW" / price per wear per month 16 CZK (price per wear per year 1,40 CZK)

The NANOveil is designed for long-term, unlimited use. It will last for many years. Zero Waste!

Saves your wallet! "CPW" / price per wear per month 16 CZK (price per wear per year 1,40 CZK)

The NANOveil is designed for long-term, unlimited use. It will last for many years. Zero Waste!.

The material has thermoregulating functional properties, minimizes odors and is highly breathable.

You can stay in the drape all day long even during more physically strenuous activities.

The NANOveil is also suitable for sporty and active people, and can also be used as a functional neck warmer.

The NANOveil drape is made of certified material, tested in the medical sector as a health support device.


Practical advice:

Customers find it useful to have 2 pcs of drapes, in case they forget or don't have the opportunity to wash and dry the drape by the next day.

In our packaging, the drapes are protected from contamination and can be carried everywhere with you or stored safely at work or on the go.

Only store dry and clean drapes in the packaging.

If the drape is wet/damp, allow to air dry freely.

Customers with glasses - pull the drape up to the bridge of the nose as far as possible when putting it on and move the glasses slightly away from the eyes.


How the veil works:

The drape is a mechanical barrier, not a filter, no nano-membrane or nanofibers are used in the drape. The nanoparticles are firmly anchored into the fiber and do not release.

The two layers of material create a more effective mechanical barrier.

The PESNano top material with elastane contains antibacterial silver nanoparticles. Special fibre profile wicks moisture away from the body. The nature of the material creates a hydrophobic lotus effect on the surface against droplets.

The PESnano with cotton inner material contains antibacterial silver nanoparticles. The special fibre profile wicks moisture away from the body. Cotton gives a soft to the touch, skin-friendly surface.

The drape fits anatomically to the face, is elastic and comfortable. You do not breathe contaminated air around the edges of the drape.

The drape is antibacterial - the material contains nanoparticles of silver embedded in the structure of the fibre - this property does not change with washing or many years of use and has an antibacterial effect even if you do not wash the drape. We still recommend washing the drape after a full day of use, as dirt of various kinds will stick to the material during the day.



 In accordance with EN ISO 10993-5 and EN ISO 10993-12 based on test report No.2393/2015, our tested material did not show cytotoxic effect.

 In accordance with EN ISO 10993-10:Part 10, according to SOP No. 2/3, Tests for irritation and hypersensitivity of the delayed type, a skin irritation test was performed. The tested material Antibacterial Knit Ba/PESnano 54/46% is not a significant skin irritant.

 According to the antimicrobial test protocol No. L 1112/2015, Antibacterial Knit NanoAg has demonstrated antimicrobial effects.

 On the basis of the Methodological Recommendation No. 1/2000 of the HSE on the assessment of products that come into direct contact with the human body through the skin or mucous membranes, the material used is health-safe, as evidenced by Certificate No. 15 - 046 issued by the HSE.

 According to the test protocol 595/2020 according to ČSN EN 149:2002+A1:2009, ČSN EN 149+A1 CORRECTION 1:2018 issued by VÚBP, the products meet the requirements for the content of respirable carbon dioxide and are highly breathable. Testing confirmed a 70% lower rebreathable CO2 content and 75% better breathability than the standard requires.

 The products meet the requirements of TNI CWA 17553:2020.


WARNING: For proper use of the face shield, it is important that you use the following instructions

If you are ill, consult your physician.

This face shroud is not a medical device within the meaning of Directive 93/42/EEC or Regulation EU/2017/745 (surgical drapes ) or personal protective equipment within the meaning of Regulation EU/2016/425 (respiratory protective equipment ).

This drape is not a substitute for protective measures ( hand washing, physical spacing ). It minimises the passage of saliva droplets when the user breathes into the environment.

Stop using this product at the first sign of damage.



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